Selling Your Business: Pre-Sale Marketing

Pre-Sale Marketing Strategies

When it comes to selling your business, revenues are a key factor in the price you will receive for the company you’ve toiled to build. What are your annual revenues and are they growing year over year are among the first questions you’ll be asked. So, how can you increase your revenues? Marketing.

What Fast Forward Marketing Co. can do to put money in your pocket

Be sure your exit happens the way you dreamed, with money in your pocket. To make that happen, you must start preparing before you list your business. There are things we can do that will improve your final deal, before you even start talking to a business broker, .

  • Diversify your client base – buyers want to see more than loyal clients (though those are good, too). They want to see a growing list of clients. Fast Forward Marketing Co. can help you attract the kind of clients that can add to your bottom line.
  • Educate your current clients – and sell more. Your clients may think they know your services and products, but do they really? We help clients and prospects understand everything you sell and that your business is the best place to go to get it.

Fast Forward Marketing Co. can work with you to develop revenue-growing strategies that will help your company sell for top dollar. Experts agree that few buyers are interested in a business with stagnant revenues, even if it has lots of potential. So, rather than selling “potential” (at a disappointing price), why not boost your revenues – and your sale price – with expert marketing?

Whether your next adventure means a new venture, a new career path, more time with the family or sailing around the world, make sure your closing deal provides you the money to make it happen. We can help. Call us at 804.382.0594.