Small Business Change Communications

small business change com

When a small business changes hands, whether by sale or by merger, there’s a lot of communication that need to happen. What you say, when you say it, and who you say it to can all affect the success of the transition. Managing those communications is what we do.

High stakes, simple solution

Effective change communications can help protect the productivity and competitiveness of the new entity – which affects revenue and profitability. So, what makes for effective communications? Easy: Clarity, consistency, repetition and honesty. The rewards are high when these points are always in sight when you keep these points in sight.

The risks are even higher if you neglect even one of those points – employees who are worried about their jobs, customers who don’t know what’s going on and wonder if the new owner can be trusted, vendors who worry about getting paid. Fast Forward Marketing Co. can help you reduce those risks and maximize the potential of the new business.

Call for a free consultation. We can help your transition be more successful with thoughtful, effective change communications.