Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing

First, you must have a plan

What are you selling? Who is going to want to buy it? How much will it cost? What about production? How are you going to market it? What media, at what events, taking advantage of what opportunities? How are you going to tell the world about Your Company, Inc.?

That’s where Fast Forward Marketing Co. comes in

You can start out with a beginner website. The various templates make it much easier than it used to be, so you can do it yourself (or ask a friend). But once you’ve been in business a while, you need a pro – you need Fast Forward Marketing Co.

Then there’s social media, of course. It takes time, but the platforms are free. Facebook now has something like 1.6 billion users. Twitter, Instagram, if you are creating a visual-type product, and LinkedIn to show off your bona fides.

Hint about social media: your business page posts will be almost invisible unless you pay to boost posts or otherwise advertise. Local advertising is still very cheap, though.

It’s working – now what do I do?

Congratulations! Keep doing what you’ve been doing, but it may be time to up your game.

After you’ve been in business for a year or two, it’s likely time to re-do your website to reflect the changes in your business. It should be a polished, accurate reflection of your brand – what you do, how you do it and who you are selling to. Fast Forward Marketing Co. can help you take a clear-eyed look at what you’ve been doing since you started – who’s been buying from you and why they have chosen you. There are likely to have been changes from what you initially envisioned.

At this point, you should be considering special offers, revising price points, attending your customers’ professional events and perhaps advertising. We can help you develop the best advertising message and find the best media on which to deliver it. It could be broadcast (radio or TV), it could be online on specific sites or Google AdWords, it could be with remarketing. Warning: it’s easy to spend a lot of money very quickly and get zero results if you don’t know what you’re doing. We help you make the biggest impact possible for your marketing spend.

At Fast Forward Marketing Co., we help you as you are getting started with a strategy you can implement yourself. Later, as your time becomes even more valuable, we can develop a plan to work together on an ongoing basis. Contact us for a free initial consultation. We’ll help you grow.